SHAREit Vault [Latest Version]

If you want to protect your privacy and protect your videos and photos, SHAREit developers have created an application, only available for iOS devices; it is the SHAREit Vault app.

This is very light, and will hardly take up space on your mobile device iOS, but at the same time, is a powerful and intelligent application, and above all, secure, which will protect your photos and videos from the eyes of third parties.

This is undoubtedly one of the most private and best apps that will allow you to protect your videos and private photos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


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SHAREit Vault – Features

Here are some of the features of SHAREit Vault:

  • Make your videos and private photos safe and secure.
  • Protect your privacy.
  • Export and import from the Photos app.
  • Visitor mode.

Once you have saved your photos or videos in SHAREit Vault, these files will be 100% secure and private.

Photos are stored only on the mobile device. None of your photos can be uploaded to any online server and app developers cannot have remote access to those photos.


What does this mean? Because your photos are completely safe and no one but you can access them.

If you wish, you can form a secure access key for the vault and the next time you need to enter those photos, you will have to enter that access key to enter the vault.

Download SHAREit Vault for iOS

Here’s the official SHAREit Vault download link for iOS devices.